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A World Full of Monsters

A World Full of Monsters

Danny Darling and his friends started GenoMod Labs right out of grad school. Mod science was new and growing fast, and they had a feeling that whoever got there first was going to walk away with it all: the fame, the money, the professional recognition, everything.
They hadn't expected the notoriety. Or the harassment.
And they definitely hadn't expected the bunnygirl.

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Out of the Water

A World Full of Monsters: Out of the Water

GenoMod is as busy as ever, something Danny Darling is grateful for—it means he doesn't have time to dwell on all the ways his life has changed. But when an urgent summons to help unravel a mystery in Mexico leaves Danny, Joey and three other scientists trapped in the sights of a potentially apocalyptic mod emergency, accepting what his new circumstances have given him may be the key to getting everyone out alive.

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The Black Beast cover

The Black Beast

An oblivious father.
A jealous son.
An honorable sacrifice.
And a Beast who may or may not deserve his curse.

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Tales from the Crossing at Barracuda Flats cover

Tales from the Crossing at Barracuda Flats

Welcome to Barracuda Flats, Population: 5. A string of lonely buildings crouched in the shadow of the mountains; a wide spot on a narrow trail leading into a dangerous, little-used crossing. A quiet little place most of the time, where the biggest threat to anyone would seem to be boredom. Or so you might think, anyway...but you would be wrong.

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Short Stories

A Mouse in the Wall cover

A Mouse in the Wall

Marty saw the Men take his mama away, and now they're coming for him. Can he find a new place to hide where the Men and the City Lady won't find him?

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Now Entering Houdenville cover

Now Entering Houdenville

Houdenville. A small town that's supposed to be in Johannis County—although the county would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone that. They really just don't want to deal with it.

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Miscellany cover


Diverse fiction, snippets of other stories, experiments and etcetera.

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Honk cover


It seemed to Tamara that the geese and ducks were looking for something. Or maybe only one of them was.

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A Wolf in the Woods cover

A Wolf in the Woods

The First Minister is dead. The prince is insane. And there's a man-killing wolf in the woods...or is there?

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Books where I was one author among many.

Esyld's Awakening cover

Esyld's Awakening

In a land of dragons and direwolves, the rise of a mysterious dark power forces the chosen champions of two bitterly opposed factions to enter an uneasy truce. Can they overcome generations of lies and secrets before the blight devours their world?

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Wytch Born cover

Wytch Born

Salem understands and embraces his duty to Mother Magic and the world he's sworn to protect, while Simza refuses to claim her birthright and will not accept an alliance with a Wytch. But if they don't put their differences aside, neither Wytch nor Paladin will overcome the forces aiming to consume everything they know.

Available from: Amazon (Kindle & Paperback)